The Pink Elephant Project is founded on the notion that the daily conflicts we encounter have more to do with ourselves than anyone else.  Not that we need to blame ourselves for every conflict…we simply need to understand from where the conflict stems; understand that it’s completely natural – completely human – to seek agreement and run from conflict.  But what ultimately needs to be understood is that conflict simply arises out of mismatched perspectives – perspectives that have been honed over the years, in different ways from everyone else’s – through your personal life experiences.  There is no right or wrong, only varying perspectives.  Understanding and acknowledging this is the first step to reducing conflict and enhancing productive conversations where you actually walk away with solutions, rather than animosity.

Our commitment is to help people understand each others’ perspectives and interpretations.  By easing the burden typically associated with important conversations, The Pink Elephant Project keeps people from feeling disempowered, frustrated, and resigned.  Instead of “just dealing” and “being FINE”, those who take part in the Pink Elephant Project can rely on the Promise and Community to provide continued support in courageous communication. 


  • As humans, we all have a need for acknowledgment…it is a part of our nature that we constantly seek agreement, and desire to be acknowledged and liked.
  • Conflict is inevitable…we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and as a result view the world with conflicting perspectives. In the face of 6+ billion people interpreting the world in their own way, not everyone is going to agree with one another.
  • Fear of conflict shuts down communication.  One bad experience, one difficult conversation, can be all it takes to shut us down forever…to protect ourselves and avoid conflict at all costs.
  • Before having conversations, we tend to play them out in our heads… ultimately serving to either convince ourselves that there will be a negative outcome, or upset us when the conversation doesn’t go as “scripted”.
  • All of us make communicating more difficult than it needs to be.
  • During most conversations, most of us judge without actually listening, and jump to conclusions.
  • When communication stops within organizations, creativity and innovation are the first things to go
  • Intimacy and happiness suffer when communication wanes in relationships.
  • Lack of communication within families causes children’s self-expression and self-esteem to be diminished.

Merely acknowledging these beliefs opens up a new world of possibility, allowing people to recognize, take responsibility and have a greater understanding of perspectives on both sides of a conversation.  If we can come to the realization that it’s only our perspective that’s stopping us from having fulfilling conversations – and thus, fulfilling lives – communication becomes less of a chore and more of a way to deeply connect with those in our lives.  If we can take responsibility and introspectively explore what our personal foundations and “triggers” are, based on our life’s experiences, we can share them with one another to make communication more productive and fulfilling. 

There will always be differences, but by working with your family to tackle the courage and commitment to communicate, The Pink Elephant can help you and your loved ones find their voice, and inspire others to find theirs.  Click here to see how it works (link to how it works) Come be a part of us and help spread the word – and watch as the courage and commitment to communicate electrifies the world, one conversation at a time.

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