The secret to a successful relationship is communicating even when nothing is wrong. Sharing ideas and frustrations. Expressing—and accepting—little differences of opinion, so that you learn to understand each other when not too much is at risk.

Many couples forget that active communication is important even after the deal has been sealed by marriage, or the bloom is off the rose. They fall into a tired routine: a generic post-workday greeting, a silent dinner in front of the television, and then one goes off to surf the web and the other goes to the bedroom to curl up with a book.

Nothing’s necessarily “wrong”… it’s just an uninspiring way to live, simply going through the motions. And eventually, the withering communication further devolves into deeply polarized arguments. Arguments about finances, about housework, about spending too much time out with friends, in which no one can see eye to eye anymore and the focus is in proving the other wrong.

How the Pink Elephant Can Help

You don’t have to wait until there’s something Important that Needs to Be Said to bring the Pink Elephant into your relationship. Reignite your passion by reconnecting with the person you love:

Download and print the Pink Elephant Promise 

Show it to your partner and talk about how you can communicate better.

Sign it together and keep it somewhere you both will see it.

Renewing your commitment to communicate can not only strengthen your relationship, but renew the sense of adventure in the life journey you share.

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